A listening installation for those who died alone and unnoticed and for those who will die alone and unnoticed in the future

by Gesche Piening, with a composition by Mathis Nitschke (among others)


September 19 to November 22, 2020, St. Lukas, Mariannenplatz, Munich

The installation can be visited individually and takes place all day in the open air next to the St. Lucas Church (Mariannenplatz, 80538 Munich).
Admission free of charge.

  • six open-air listening stations next to the St. Lucas Church in Munich
  • six biographies of lonely and unnoticed deceased Munich residents
  • six requiems for lonely and unnoticed deceased
  • six farewells from unknowns
  • only 1 visitor per listening station
  • open daily all day
  • duration approx. 70 min.


Every year, over 600 people are buried in Munich ex officio. Tendency continuously slightly increasing. A funeral is performed “ex officio” if none of the relatives who are obliged to pay for the funeral are willing to take over the care of the dead. Or if there are no relatives who are obliged to take care of the buried. Or these cannot be located. The audio installation “Requiem for the Disappeared” would like to commemorate these lonely and unnoticed deceased Munich residents. For this purpose, six biographies were selected on behalf of all those buried ex officio, for which requiems for the dead were composed. These requiems of the dead are the focus of the audio installation “Requiem für Verschwundene”, which was originally planned as a theater premiere at HochX. Due to the current corona crisis, the theater project was transformed into an open-air listening installation.

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Konzept und Regie: Gesche Piening
Konzeptionelle Mitarbeit und Dramaturgie: Katja Huber

Komposition: Moritz Eggert, Maria Hafner, Mathis Nitschke, Wolfgang Petters, Manuela Rzytki, Asmir Šabic
Musiker*innen: Zoro Babel, Farandole-Quartett, Mathias Götz, Maria Hafner,
Claudia Kaiser, Martin Lickleder, Mathis Nitschke, Wolfgang Petters, Peter Pichler, Manuela Rzytki, Asmir Šabić
Sprecher*innen: Maria Hafner, Andreas Neumann
Installation: Jan Ott
Sprachaufnahmen: Manuela Rzytki
Mastering: Zoro Babel
Graphik und Design: Jeannette Kummer
Produktion: Ulrich Zentner
PR & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit: Kathrin Schäfer KulturPR

Gefördert vom Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München.
In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunstausschuss St. Lukas.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch das HochX Theater und Live Art