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MAYA stages the former heating plant Munich-Aubing as a historic site. Through an augmented reality app on the own smartphone, the spectator betakes himself in the perspective of a new civilization in the distant future, and looks back in amazement on the demise of our current civilization in the near future.

Singer Martina Koppelstetter takes on the role of „Maya“. She is on a mission. Does she manage to rescue the Cyberspace and with it herself and the humanity?

MAYA transcends the core of an opera into the present: intoxication, ecstasy and extension of consciousness through music, sound, light and digital art. Opera and techno: both stand for a powerful rebellion – against death, against loneliness. For a life without limits. For the promise of a world in which we live according to our boldest imaginations, without ever encountering physical limitations.

MAYA is a game of opposites. The future stands next to the past. Materiality encounters immateriality. New compositions meet pieces from Domenico Gabrielli (16th century), Steve Reich (1967) and KP Werani (2017). The string trio TrioCoriolis plays live with, against and in the electronic soundscapes of Klavikon, Jörg Hüttner, Björn Eichelbaum and Rumpeln. The lighting design by Urs Schönebaum fits like a sculpture into the room.

“Being a peanut would be great. Or a tapeworm. Or a ramshorn snail.” Author Thomas Jonigk puts the language of a human being into the mouth of Maya, who is forced to rediscover her physicality in order to survive as a digital being.

Please visit www.mayaoper.de >>>

a Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera
in the ruins of the heating plant Munich-Aubing

by Mathis Nitschke, Libretto by Thomas Jonigk
with Martina Koppelstetter and the Trio Coriolis

18th – 22th October, 2017
Installation 18.00 h
Performance Begin 18.30 h

MAYA is supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, the German Federal Government’s Performing Arts Fund (Fonds Daku) and the creative industries fund The Netherlands. Kindly supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Thanks to Allguth GmbH.

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