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Selected Projects

Vergehen (Passing)

VERGEHEN is an opera that you walk. Simply download the VERGEHEN app to your smartphone, take your headphones and walk…

2017 Apps Music Theatre Opera

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MAYA - a Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera

As the worlds first Augmented Reality opera, MAYA staged the former heating plant Munich-Aubing as a historic site.Through the AR-app…

2017 Music Theatre Opera

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Blurring the conventional boundaries between audience and performer, venue and stage, Mathis Nitschke’s short opera Viola places its audience in…

2015 Installations Music Theatre Opera

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BMW - Excellence in Sales 2017

BMW honoured the 41 best dealers worldwide in 2017 with the Excellence in Sales Award at a ceremony in the…

2018 Corporate Music arrangements

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Happy Happy

There is no alternative. The public debate is under the seal of fatalism. There is no other objective than that…

2014 Opera

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The Clown

by Heinrich Böll, theatrical adaptation by Thomas Jonigk Schauspiel Köln, Premiere February 11, 2017A…

2017 Music for Theatre

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