20. October 2019

“Small Places” plays the entire catalogue of ECM Records

https://smallplaces.art/ has been online since 18 October 2019 12 o’clock Korean time. My installation “Small Places” is part of the exhibition RE:ECM @ Storage by Hyundai card in Seoul, Korea. Over the next 4 months it will play the entire catalogue of ECM Records, via the website you can listen live.

More info: https://mathis-nitschke.com/en/small-places/

11. October 2019

RE:ECM @ Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, South Korea

In this group exhibition at Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, six artists reflect on the meanwhile 50-year-old oeuvre of the record label ECM Records. Instead of – as the poster suggests – presenting relics and devotional objects from the history of ECM, we try to pour the meaning and effects that ECM has had and still has on our work and life into our own artistic positions.

In my sound installation “Small Places” the listening human becomes the object of art. Almost incidentally, it plays the complete catalogue of ECM (we talk about more than 8 weeks of continuously playing music). How this looks and works, and how you can participate in it from a distance, I will explain in my next post after the opening on 17 October.

In a second work in collaboration with digital artist Lars Ullrich, we analyze the horizontal movement within the music, the “flow“, and transform it into suggestive digital animations that draw the visitors fully into the music. Also here visual material after the opening.

Come and see us! From 17 October at the Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, South Korea.

2. October 2019

The Suction of War – A Family History

After intensive two weeks I now check the finished print master of the cinema mix for Christoph Boekel’s documentary film “Sog des Krieges – Eine Familiengeschichte”. After having produced the music for the film at the beginning of the summer, I now took care of its sound design and mixing.

13. September 2019

Small Places – the complete ECM catalogue on my harddisc

What a humbling experience: the entire catalogue ever produced by ECM Records as flac files on my hard disc. The music produced in the 50 years of its history takes more then 8 weeks to listen through! If you listen 24/7 … And that’s exactly what my installation “Small Places” will do, to be opened mid October at Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul: it’ll play all ECM albums there exist, many of them having shaped my musical thinking profoundly. Thank you, Manfred Eicher!

8. August 2019

Summer in Munich with two Augmented Reality Apps in public space

“Augmented Reality and Opera in the middle of Munich: two projects by the artist Mathis Nitschke transform familiar places into locations for audiovisual experiences”.


Danke, Süddeutsche Zeitung München!


Sommer in München in der SZ vom 8.8.2019
1. August 2019

Music production for a cinema documentary film


For my composition and production of the music for a documentary film I recorded the soloists Roman Bunka on the oud, Marine-Amélie Lenoir on the oboe, Maria Reiter on the accordion and Sachiko Hara on the piano. Listen to a few excerpts here:


10. July 2019

Isolde is well visited!

Secure your seat at www.isoldeoper.de. Performances until Friday daily 18 and 19 o’clock in the Kunsthalle Munich.

9. July 2019

Impressions of the ISOLDE premiere on 8 July 2019

Performances until Friday 12 July daily at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., Kunsthalle München. Info: www.isoldeoper.de #isoldeoper

21. May 2019

Keynote at the Opera Beyond Conference

Meet me at the Opera Beyond Conference by the Finnish National Opera in Helsinki:

Info: https://operabeyond.com/

21. May 2019

VIOLA’s wonderful performances at the Operadagen Rotterdam

We had very diverse and beautiful performances of VIOLA in Rotterdam. Thank you Operadagen Rotterdam for inviting us and thank you De Bijenkorf for hosting us!


Here some photos by Salih Kili and Luciano Pinna:

1. May 2019

“Inside MPhil – St. Nikolai”: succesful alpha test of the app

The alpha test for the app, which I developed with and for the Munich Philharmonic, was very successful! Conductor Pablos Heras-Casado walked enthusiastically through the meadow next to the church St. Nikolai behind the Munich Gasteig.

Because the app allows you to enter the orchestra with your smartphone and headphones, playing when you want, you can move around as you want. And you can even hear the respective instruments up close. As if the orchestra were actually sitting there. But it’s invisible, conjured up by the GPS-controlled mobile app.

The premiere is on June 1, 2019.  Info: https://www.hoergang.com/portfolio/insidemphil/


4. April 2019

A new orchestra experience

I’m working on an exciting new orchestral experience with/for the Munich Philharmonic orchestra. It will be a location-based smartphone app allowing you to walk inside the orchestral sound. Stay tuned for news!

13. March 2019

“VIOLA” invited @ Operadagen 2019

on 18. and 19. May 2019 in Rotterdam, location unfortunately still unknown


13. March 2019

“MAYA” @ Classical:NEXT 2019 in Rotterdam

“MAYA” was selected for the Project Pitch Presentations at the Classical:NEXT 2019 in Rotterdam, 16.5.2019

Info: https://www.classicalnext.com/programme/project_pitches


27. February 2019

Music and sound design for an AR/VR app for a museum to be opened shortly.

After my studio move to the so called “creative quarter” (still Munich) I’m finally working productively again on music, sound and its implementation into the Unity project for an AR/VR app for a museum, which will be opened soon.

12. January 2019

Premiere of “Rückkehr nach Reims” on January 18 @Schauspiel Köln

On Friday 18.1. we will bring Didier Eribon’s book “Rückkehr nach Reims” to the theatre stage at Schauspiel Köln. Read more here >>>

22. December 2018

Parzival.ai gets first grant approval!

The first step is the hardest, as they say. We just took it! The Dutch Creative Industries Stimuleringsfonds confirmed its willingness to support Parzival.ai shortly before Christmas:


More about the project later …

20. December 2018

First News

first entry into the new News category!