sound designer, composer, director

Music for the stage

Against Hate

"Sometimes I ask myself how they can do that: to hate so much. How they can be so sure. Because that's what the haters must be: safe. Otherwise they wouldn't speak like that, hurt like that, murder like that. They must be sure. Without any doubt. Doubtful of hate cannot be hated." On the basis of concrete incidents, Emcke examines institutional racism, group-related misanthropy and disregard and finally pleads for a heterogeneous society and humanism.

Return to Reims

Didier Eribon's book of the same name was published in German in 2016 and quickly became a bestseller. The resulting debate about the socially "dependent", who are overflowing to the right-wing camp, continues to be lively. In the theatre version by director Thomas Jonigk we bring Eribon's hybrid narrative between sociological study, emotional-biographical narrative of a boy growing up in a homophobic environment and pure poetry to the stage of Schauspiels Köln.

Romeo & Juliet

Another "Romeo & Julia". Same same but different. In the nursing home the "Don'tforgetmine-choir" sings against forgetting. Staging by Luk Perceval at the Bolshoi Drama Theatre St. Petersburg.

Rosa or The merciful earth

In this "Another kind of Romeo & Juliet", as director Luk Perceval also calls his evening, Tobias Moretti takes on the role of the orderly, meticulous librarian Désiré, who decides to become demented before his 74th birthday out of displeasure over his life. He wants to spend his last years of his life in peace: in a nursing home. There he sees Rosa again, the great, unfulfilled love of his youth, the "Julia", which he could never forget.

The Clown

Hans Schnier's relationship with his girlfriend Marie is a thing of the past. But he can't let her go. Again and again he is haunted by nightmarish pictures and figures from his former life. It rages in him and he rages along. From the inner emigration he defends his standards of value against the German restoration society. Staging by Thomas Jonigk at the Schauspiel Köln.


Isolated from the world, the composer Jerome works obsessively on a monumental work about love. For this he samples everyday noises and scraps of speech, which he continuously records. Staging of the comedy by Alain Ayckbourn by Ulrike Arnold at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

Heinrich dances 2016

Initiated by the Bavarian State Ballet, more than 100 pupils of the 8th grade have been working together with dancers, musicians and choreographers since 2012. They explore possibilities of expression with body, mind and movement and develop a joint final choreography.

Continue dreaming

A comedy by Thomas Jonigk about unfulfilled wishes, longings, hopes and missed opportunities. And about love, which remains the only possibility. Staged by Christof Loy at the Schauspielhaus Zurich.

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