All tracks are composed, arranged, orchestrated, mixed and produced by Mathis Nitschke.


Liberal compositions

Instrumental pieces

With: Anja Lechner (Cello), Mathis Nitschke (Accordeon), Sarah Aristidou (Vocals), Andre Manook (Saxophone)




With: Susan Narucki, Sarah Wolfson, Martina Koppelstetter, Gilles Ragon, Marco Di Sapia, Karen Vourc’h, Arno Waschk, Chœurs de l’Opéra et Orchestre national Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon, Martina Koppelstetter, Goska Isphording


Applied compositions

Music with Classical Instruments

With: Marine-Amélie Lenoir, Klaus-Peter Werani, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, Mathis Nitschke



With: Jörg Hüttner, Rickie Kinnen, Seref Dalyanoglu, Thomas Peschel, Gert Wilden


Music with Ethnic/Jazz/Childish Instruments

With: Roman Bunka, Dine Doneff, Ulrich Wangenheim, Joachim Badenhorst, Gertrud Schilde, Mathis Mayr, Santiago Cimadevilla, Marcos di Paolo, Brice Sonanio, Gabriel Hahn, Mathis Nitschke, Sachiko Hara


Music for virtual orchestra

With: Computer


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