Mathis Nitschke works at the interface of art, technology and communication.

He composes and produces music for film, theatre or event productions – from electronic music to large orchestral scores, liberated from any genre constraints, from Mono to Surround to 3D Audio.

In his studio, he records dialog, sounds and music and creates audio productions: CD’s, film mixes, radio plays and inter-active applications.

The Team Mathis Nitschke programs adaptive music and sound design for apps and games and produces binaural 3D-Audio in combination with head-tracking for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

As a sound director and live sound engineer Nitschke amplifies music, musicians and actors and locates these sounds dramaturgically correct in space, using innovative electro-acoustic solutions.

In 2015, Mathis Nitschke founded Sofilab, a Munich-based sonic design studio and innovation lab working at the crossroads of art, industry and technology.

Ableton Live in Action


Ableton Live, Steinberg Nuendo, Magix Sequoia, MAX/MSP (depending on task)

Too many Plugins by PSP Audioware, Izotope, Exponential Audio, Maat Digital, Soundtheory, Kush Audio, Soundtoys, etc.

Sequential Prophet X, Symbolic Sound Kyma, Haken ContinuumMini, Vermona Lancets, Novations BassStation and more hardware synths

Native Instruments Komplete, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, and many more software synths by U-He, Arturia, etc.

Several Guitars, Amplifiers and FX, Accordeons and Flutes, Percussion

Neumann M149, DPA 4011 and 4006, Microtech Gefell UM70S, any many more dynamic and condenser microphones

Neumann KH310 with KH DSP750 sub and MA1 measurement microphone, more speakers by Neumann, Nubert and KS Audio for surround and spatial setups

Fun and curiosity