sound designer, composer, director


Start Again The Lament

As a sound designer, I helped artist Taryn Simon realize her extensive sound installation "Start Again The Lament" in the Cisternerne Copenhagen. Performed by professional mourners, the work explores how people mourn individually and collectively, considering the anatomy of grief and whom we choose to guide us through it. These sonic rituals of loss and discontent—including northern Albanian, Wayuu, Greek Epirotic, and Yazidi laments—transform the exhibition space into an instrument echoing recitations with a reverberation of seventeen seconds.

1 sqm stopped time

Closed chambers of 1 sqm footprint stand in the middle of the urban space and invite you to listen. Extremely short sounds are extended to the maximum: the fractions of a second of a gunshot become 10 minutes of music. The surprise of a fist blow turns into a consoling elegy. The moment of an explosion becomes an orchestral state of Wagnerian proportions.

Small Places

As part of the RE:ECM exhibition at Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, Korea, my piece “Small Places” presents the entire music catalogue ever produced by ECM Records as a sound installation. It is inspired by the game of ping-pong which can be regarded as a metaphor for many aspects in music production: the interaction between producer and musician(s), the give and take between the musicians themselves, but also the active interplay between the listener and the music.


Created in collaboration with digital artist Lars Ullrich, "Flow" lets the visitor experience the motion inside the music. By creating an abstract landscape from the music, the visitor can explore its fluid dynamics and be part of its organic behavior: The listener is literally drawn into the music. "Flow" is part of the RE:ECM exhibition at Storage by Hyundai Card, Seoul, 2019.

Seven Sirens

Seven red motor sirenes are hanging at a steel rope of 11 meters length. They get short impulses of power which make them produce a short, cat-like sound. From time to time they run on low constant power which makes them produce a soft humming sound.