sound designer, composer, director


Mission Impossible OrchestrAR

An augmented reality orchestra plays the famous "Mission: Impossible" theme by Lalo Schifrin. With your smartphone as a magic magnifying glass, you can get very close to the instruments. Experience the orchestra as a whole or listen to the individual instruments, just as you like. My "Mission: Impossible OrchestrAR" app allows you to experience music in a new way.

Experimenta – Unite In Taste

A flashy bird of paradise in an industrial loft or a rock fan with a Boho apartment? In the app "Unite in Taste" you can create your own digital self. Your appearance, clothing, apartment or favorite tunes – create your own avatar and design a home that suits your own personal tastes. Together with Michael Hartung and Jörg Hüttner I created sound design and music for this fun game and implemented them with FMOD.

Labyrinth deLux – A Chrusoe Quest

Labyrinth deLux - A Crusoe Quest is a VR puzzle game in first person perspective, set in an alien space station. I created a musical sound design for the various game elements, which interact together to create a 3D soundscape through which you move (6 DoF).

Lure – a music-theatrical exploration of AI

Lure is an artistic research project I lead that explores machine learning in theater and music. We have explored a variety of machine learning techniques in combination with musical instruments, voice and narration. The artistic research transfers questions on the topics of human–machine interaction and artificial intelligence to the fields of theatre and music.

Experimenta Explorer App

I created sound and music for the "experimenta explorer", a VR/AR app for Germany’s largest science center in Heilbronn, the experimenta. The app works twofold – as a virtual stroll through the newly constructed building and as a stand-alone game. In the game mode, players get to find out more about select exhibits while assembling a robot from parts they find/win. With their robot they can play through several levels – all in augmented reality.

Inside MPhil – Frühling (spring)

With the free app "INSIDE MPHIL - Frühling" (spring) you can experience the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra virtually on a meadow of your choice as if the musicians were set up there. With the GPS-connected smartphone and headphones you enter the orchestra acoustically and hear the instruments as if you were standing next to them, just as the musicians hear themselves and their colleagues. This is made possible by the sophisticated smartphone app.

ANON – The Game: Escape the murder

ANON: Escape the Murder is a first person adventure game series based on the world of ANON the film created by critically acclaimed and award winning director Andrew Niccol (known for Gattaca, In Time). The mobile action adventure combines the thrilling story-world of the film with cutting-edge mobile technology to create a highly immersive gaming experience.

MAYA – Augmented Reality App

The standard theatre situation was reconfigured to an installation- and rave-like situation by means of the MAYA augmented reality App. Alive and present as an actor was only the mezzo-soprano Martina Koppelstetter. The digital world from which she originated was only visible through smartphones and AR. Experiencing this world through own smartphones, the audience strolled through the ruins and became the counterpart for MAYA with its presence, augmenting MAYA’s loneliness: MAYA had to sing against a mass of audience members gaping through their smartphones.

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