Rückkehr nach Reims @ Schauspiel Köln

Schauspiel Köln Köln, Germany

RÜCKKEHR NACH REIMS nach Didier Eribon In einer Bühnenfassung von Thomas Jonigk Premiere/Uraufführung 18.1.2019, Depot 2, Schauspiel Köln »Das, wovon man losgerissen wurde oder sich losreißen wollte, bleibt ein Bauteil dessen, was man ist.«Die Erzählung beginnt mit einem Ende: Der Tod des Vater führt Didier Eribon zurück in seine alte Heimat, in der er seit...

Only you know if we made it or not! (World Premiere)

HochX Entenbachstr. 37, München, Deutschland

Emre Akal and his team ask for it, starting from an omnipresent end time mood: What comes after the imaginable future, after the collapse of liberal democracy and old Europe as we knew it? In a formally abstract world of images, they let the future rub against the past, dig the people of tomorrow in the rubble of memory in order to create the design of a society for tomorrow from the ruins of the past - always remembering: What are we leaving behind as society today, the people of the future, and will we have learned from our mistakes? What remains of... us?

Mephisto (premiere)

Staatstheater Kassel Friedrichsplatz 15, Kassel, Deutschland

by Thomas Jonigk after Klaus Mann DIRECTOR: Thomas Jonigk Stage and costumes: Ric Schachtebeck MUSIC | TON | VIDEO: Mathis Nitschke DRAMATURGY: Thomaspeter Goergen LIGHT: Christian Franzen The fascination of the downfall that one even denies seeing eye. The eroticism of evil, sex appeal of destruction. Babylon Berlin, the Pompeii between the world wars. Russian...

Brother Eichmann @ Schauspiel Köln

Schauspiel Köln Köln, Germany

"Brother Eichmann" by Heinar Kipphardt with JÖRG RATJEN as Adolf Eichmann DIRECTION: THOMAS JONIGK STAGE & COSTUME DESIGN: LISA DÄSSLER MUSIC/SOUND: MATHIS NITSCHKE DRAMATURGY: STAWRULA PANAGIOTAKI PREMIERE: 23. Oktober 2021 From the rehearsals (video by me): https://vimeo.com/600232361 "In 1961, Adolf Eichmann, the planner and organizer of the Holocaust, was sentenced to death by hanging in...

When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other @ Schauspiel Köln

Schauspiel Köln Köln, Germany

"When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other" by Martin Crimp, German premier, Schauspiel Köln DIRECTION: THOMAS JONIGK STAGE DESIGN: LISA DÄSSLE COSTUME DESIGN: ESTHER GEREMUS CHOREOGRAFY: TERESA ROTEMBERG MUSIC / SOUND: MATHIS NITSCHKE LIGHT DESIGN: MICHAEL GÖÖCK DRAMATURGY: SIBYLLE DUDEK A woman and a man. Did he kidnap her? Is he holding her against her...