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“Inside MPhil – St. Nikolai”: succesful alpha test of the app

The alpha test for the app, which I developed with and for the Munich Philharmonic, was very successful! Conductor Pablos Heras-Casado walked enthusiastically through the meadow next to the church St. Nikolai behind the Munich Gasteig. Because the app allows you to enter the orchestra with your smartphone and headphones, playing when you want, you…

A new orchestra experience

I'm working on an exciting new orchestral experience with/for the Munich Philharmonic orchestra. It will be a location-based smartphone app allowing you to walk inside the orchestral sound. gets first grant approval!

The first step is the hardest, as they say. We just took it! The Dutch Creative Industries Stimuleringsfonds confirmed its willingness to support shortly before Christmas: More about the project later ...…