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Music projects

Improvisation with Biel

Michael von Biel (born 1939) is one of the most important representatives of New Music of the sixties and seventies and can be regarded as a pioneer in the field of electronic music. Mathis Mayr (cello) and Mathis Nitschke (electronics) approached the early compositional work of Biel in their piece "Improvisation with Biel".

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman was an experiment on how to create sound with a video camera: an image-based sound synthesizer. As the sound programmer, I helped him realizing it by taking the video output from his cameras, translating them into sound sources in my Kyma system, and processing them through matrixed cross-modulations and distortion. This is not an interpretation of the visuals; it's listening to the video signal directly as sound. Listen:

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