sound designer, composer, director


Mission Impossible OrchestrAR

An augmented reality orchestra plays the famous "Mission: Impossible" theme by Lalo Schifrin. With your smartphone as a magic magnifying glass, you can get very close to the instruments. Experience the orchestra as a whole or listen to the individual instruments, just as you like. My "Mission: Impossible OrchestrAR" app allows you to experience music in a new way.

1 sqm stopped time

Closed chambers of 1 sqm footprint stand in the middle of the urban space and invite you to listen. Extremely short sounds are extended to the maximum: the fractions of a second of a gunshot become 10 minutes of music. The surprise of a fist blow turns into a consoling elegy. The moment of an explosion becomes an orchestral state of Wagnerian proportions.

When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other

A woman and a man. Did he kidnap her? Is he holding her against her will? Or is it a game? And if so, which of the two will win? British playwright Martin Crimp has written twelve variations on an encounter in which the boundary between power and powerlessness is constantly shifting. I created Music and sound design for the production by Thomas Jonigk at Schauspiel Köln.

Experimenta – Unite In Taste

A flashy bird of paradise in an industrial loft or a rock fan with a Boho apartment? In the app "Unite in Taste" you can create your own digital self. Your appearance, clothing, apartment or favorite tunes – create your own avatar and design a home that suits your own personal tastes. Together with Michael Hartung and Jörg Hüttner I created sound design and music for this fun game and implemented them with FMOD.

Labyrinth deLux – A Chrusoe Quest

Labyrinth deLux - A Crusoe Quest is a VR puzzle game in first person perspective, set in an alien space station. I created a musical sound design for the various game elements, which interact together to create a 3D soundscape through which you move (6 DoF).

Brother Eichmann

"In 1961, Adolf Eichmann, the planner and organizer of the Holocaust, was sentenced to death by hanging in Jerusalem. In one of the most highly regarded trials of the post-war period, unbearable details about the National Socialist extermination machinery and its perpetrators come to light for the world public, because the defendant talks. Music and Sounddesign for the staging by Thomas Jonigk at the Schauspiel Köln.

Pension Schöller

The first performance of Pension Schöller took place in Berlin in 1890, was filmed several times and has since regularly caused tears in the theater, of course with laughter. Thomas Jonigk undertakes a fundamental reworking of the play and transports the supposedly harmless comedy into our Federal Republic reality, where the boundaries between delusion, grotesqueness, nightmare and political everyday life can often no longer be drawn. Staatstheater Kassel, premiere July 2, 2021

The wearable spatial microphone Sonic Presence SP15

With the Sonic Presence SP15 microphone, high-quality sound recordings can be made without effort: you always have the microphone with you, you don't need a tripod, your smartphone serves as a recorder. It captures the sound impression at the position of the listener in a credible way. A review.