sound designer, composer, director


MAYA – Documentary

Documentary film maker Felix Hentschel accompanied the production of the Mixed-Reality-Techno-Opera MAYA and held talks with the artists involved. The resulting film (ca. 40 min) illuminates the development of the Maya character and provides insights into the conception of the music and the design of the MAYA augmented reality app.

Rosa or The merciful earth

In this "Another kind of Romeo & Juliet", as director Luk Perceval also calls his evening, Tobias Moretti takes on the role of the orderly, meticulous librarian Désiré, who decides to become demented before his 74th birthday out of displeasure over his life. He wants to spend his last years of his life in peace: in a nursing home. There he sees Rosa again, the great, unfulfilled love of his youth, the "Julia", which he could never forget.


Occasionally I am invited to give lectures about my work and sometimes I make videos of it. Here are a few examples: About MAYA, Artist Talk @ University of Glasgow, "Now listen to me!", Opera as political expression, the chant as utopia: Happy Happy!

BMW – Excellence in Sales 2016

BMW honoured its 36 best dealers worldwide during the Excellence in Sales awards ceremony in Munich. For the opening and final part I produced a live act with cellists Eugen Bazijan and Jost Hecker: a reckless ride from classical to rock music.


London Label Nonclassical included my composition 'Kabelsteg' in their first release of the series Outside the lines, a fascinating compilation of interesting positions in the young classical music.