London Label Nonclassical included my composition ‘Kabelsteg’ in their first release of the series Outside the lines, a fascinating compilation of interesting positions in the young classical music.

Founded by Prokofiev grandson Gabriel Prokofiev, Nonclassical emerged from the London movement of classical club nights. Read more at

Outside the Lines Vol. 1 was released digitally on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify. In addition there are also 100 compact cassettes as limited edition. The cello trio Tre Voci with ‘Modus Triplex’ by Alex Nikiporenko, electronic artist Tom Richards and the Tempest Flute Trio, the clarinet and percussion ensemble NasDUO, Dani Howard and Mathis Nitschke with cellist Anja Lechner will be presented.

Anja Lechner und Mathis Nitschke
Anja Lechner und Mathis Nitschke

Kabelsteg was created in collaboration with cellist Anja Lechner as a preliminary study for the smartphone app ‘Vergehen‘. Vergehen is an interactive audio walk at the Isar river in Munich, from the noise of the cascades below the Maximilianeum to the noise of the sluices on the Wehrsteg. Anja Lechner has translated this movement from noise into noise into the cello: long arcs lead from soundless noise into full tone and back again. The pitches of these bows were given by me and afterwards I layered them on the computer to chords. The sound world to be heard consists almost exclusively of Anja’s playing, there is almost no digital alienation.The version included in Outside the lines is a shortened one. The full version is included in my release of ‘Vergehen’:

Verwandte Arbeiten:

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