In this group exhibition at Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, six artists reflect on the meanwhile 50-year-old oeuvre of the record label ECM Records. Instead of – as the poster suggests – presenting relics and devotional objects from the history of ECM, we try to pour the meaning and effects that ECM has had and still has on our work and life into our own artistic positions.

In my sound installation “Small Places” the listening human becomes the object of art. Almost incidentally, it plays the complete catalogue of ECM (we talk about more than 8 weeks of continuously playing music). How this looks and works, and how you can participate in it from a distance, I will explain in my next post after the opening on 17 October.

In a second work in collaboration with digital artist Lars Ullrich, we analyze the horizontal movement within the music, the “flow“, and transform it into suggestive digital animations that draw the visitors fully into the music. Also here visual material after the opening.

Come and see us! From 17 October at the Storage by Hyundai Card in Seoul, South Korea.