The AYSE X State Theatre sees itself as an alternative to existing theatre structures, norms, systems and as an introduction to the theatre of the future.

AYSE X State Theatre is a theatre in which inclusion, equal rights and diversity are of paramount importance on both an institutional and creative level.

Members of the independent scene as well as institutionally connected, established and also new members of the German-speaking theatre scene are involved in the implementation of this project, e.g. Julia Wissert (designated artistic director Schauspiel Dortmund), Necati Öziri (author and director of the International Forum of the Berliner Festspiele), Sivan Ben Yishai (house author Nationaltheater Mannheim), Thelma Buabeng (actress Schauspielhaus Zürich), Rania Mleihi (dramaturg Theater an der Ruhr), Mehmet and Kazim (visual artists), Guy Dermosessian (director of Diversity Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf), Nazareth Hassan (Stückemarkt 2019 Berliner Theatertreffen) and others.

The AYSE X State Theatre is coordinated by Emre Akal (director and author) and Antigone Akgün (dramaturg).


From 21 to 24 November 2019, the AYSE X Staatstheater will manifest itself in the premises of the Munich HochX Theater with the world premiere of Emre Akal’s play “Only you know if we made it or not!”, for which I contributed the music.