Today I made my debut as a noise artist. “The ninth wave – Ode to nature” is a symphony of fabulous sounds, noises, music and film poems about the beauty of nature and the tragedy of the mankind. Adapted Beethovenian music fills the room, noises evoke memories, fantasy inducing images appear on the body of a female sculpture, coming to life, living through nine allegories [creation, finiteness, beauty, forlornness, flight, search, powerlessness, hatred, desolation].

Written and directed by Stefan Winter Composition by Fumio Yasuda after Ludwig van Beethoven Conductor: Aarón Zapico Piano for four Hands: Ferhan & Ferzan Önder Violas: Kelvin Hawthorne & Klaus-Peter Werani Clarinet: Joachim Badenhorst Bass Clarinet: Gareth Davis Sound and Noise: Mathis Nitschke & Stefan Winter Dance, Choreography in the Film Installation: Aki Tsujita Production: Mariko Takahashi for Neue Klangkunst gGmbH