sound designer, composer, director

German Souls – Life after the Colonia Dignidad

Rüdiger was a child, Aki two months old and Kurt the deputy head of the paedophile sect. They came to Chile in 1962 together with 500 other German sect members and lived locked away from the world for over 40 years. The documentary by Martin Farkas and Matthias Zuber tells about the attempt to continue as a collective after decades of crimes such as torture and murder. I took over the sound design and mixing.

Improvisation with Biel

Michael von Biel (born 1939) is one of the most important representatives of New Music of the sixties and seventies and can be regarded as a pioneer in the field of electronic music. Mathis Mayr (cello) and Mathis Nitschke (electronics) approached the early compositional work of Biel in their piece "Improvisation with Biel".

The Trial

Andreas Kriegenburg's stage design (Münchner Kammerspiele) works with two layers: a wall just a few metres behind the front edge of the stage creates a claustrophobically close-fitting apron, into which an initially upright revolving stage is built. When this is lowered, a further space opens to the rear. The staging was completely microphoned and amplified so that the actors could strike a non-declamatory note. I translated the perspectives of the stage design into different sound levels and perspectives.

The Possibility of an Island

Michel Houellebecq filmed his novel "The Possibility of an Island" himself. In several years of collaboration, even before the actual shooting, I composed the film music for orchestra, choir, soloists and band.

Troilus and Cressida

Empty stage, no music, it rains (director and room: Luk Perceval). The scene changes and the sound of the speech became audible through different acoustic spaces. We installed nine microphones hanging from the Schnürboden, through which the voices of the actors were amplified and alienated. From the sounds of the raindrops we created musical atmospheres. A small guitar plays in addition.

Visual Music

I also compose with pictures. I make films that originate from the sense of form of a music composer. The result are artist films and videos and pieces that combine film with live musicians. Here are a few examples.

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman was an experiment on how to create sound with a video camera: an image-based sound synthesizer. As the sound programmer, I helped him realizing it by taking the video output from his cameras, translating them into sound sources in my Kyma system, and processing them through matrixed cross-modulations and distortion. This is not an interpretation of the visuals; it's listening to the video signal directly as sound. Listen:

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Sound design for film

Around the turn of the millennium I was a freelance sound designer for feature films by (among others) Dominik Graf, Jo Baier and Paul Anderson, working at the sound post facilities by ARRI and Bavaria Film. Watch some examples here.

„Resident Evil“ – Kyma as monster vocoder

Supervising Sound Editor Nigel Holland asked me to use Kyma Sound Processing to help create the sound of the Licker monster from Paul Anderson's movie "Resident Evil". Nigel took an English vocal artist, Pete, as his basis, who first drank two litres of full-cream milk and then roared it into a monster-like arrangement of buckets and pipes. We developed a Dual-MonoVocoder with two times 50 bands, which was fed at the input with different loops of animal sounds and other diagonal tones.