Around the turn of the millennium I was a freelance sound designer for feature films by (among others) Dominik Graf, Jo Baier and Paul Anderson, working at the sound post facilities by ARRI and Bavaria Film. Watch some examples here.


Sound design vocal effects: AUF HERZ UND NIEREN
(Thomas Jahn and Til Schweiger, 2001)


Additional sound design zombies and monsters: RESIDENT EVIL
(Paul Anderson, 2002)


Sound design TV-movie: SCHWABENKINDER
(Jo Baier, 2003)


Sound design TV-movie: THE FRIENDS OF FRIENDS
(Dominik Graf, 2002)


Foley editing: LUTHER
(Eric Till, 2003)


Sound design short film: AIR
(Sven Lützenkirchen, 2002)


Field recording and sound editing: NITSCHEWO
(Stefan Sarazin, 2002)