World premiere: May30th, 2014, Cuvilliés Theater, Munich
Further performances: May 31st 2014, Cuvilliés Theater, Munich
July 18th-20th, 2014, Soweto Theatre, Soweto, South Africa

Composition: Nélida Béjar
Director: Björn Potulski
Conductor: Anton Zapf
Costumes: Julia Ströder
Vocal coach: Marie Brandis
Live sound design: Mathis Nitschke
Stage design assistant: Silke Mederer

The performers are what makes this full-lenght opera »This New Ocean« truly distinctive: they are singers and actors who each day connect continents and nations, flight crew members working for Lufthansa, South African Airways, All Nippon Airways and S7 Airlines. Rounding out the cast are a number of Munich Airport staff members who love to sing and act. The basic idea of the project is the blue sky being the new ocean on which today’s vessels »sail« to bridge continents.

»This New Ocean« provides the sounds and imagery that show the connection of people in the age of globalization. But it is not just the performance that will focus on the topic of globalization, it is the project itself which is truly global: after each rehearsal the performers scatter all over the world to meet up again shortly after for another rehearsal.

Sound concept:
The orchestration of This New Ocean makes it essential to reinforce the strings in order to prevail against brass and drums. The successful mixture of musical and modern opera is further emphasized by the sound of amplified bass drum and electric guitar. I amplified the vocal soloists with headsets and supported the amateur choir with stage microphones.