When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other

by Martin Crimp, Director: Thomas Jonigk

from 28.10.2022 at Schauspiel Köln

A woman and a man. Did he kidnap her? Is he holding her against her will? Or is it a game? And if so, which of the two will win? Even the addition of further characters – a housekeeper and two girls – does not create clear conditions. On the contrary: there are obviously no certainties here. And the rules of the game are only there to be undermined again with relish in the next moment.

British playwright Martin Crimp has written twelve variations on an encounter in which the boundaries between power and powerlessness are constantly shifting. With abysmal wit and sharp powers of observation, he reveals the contradictions in gender relations and shows how centuries-old power structures are imprinted and live on – even if only as a parody.


Ines Marie Westernströer

Jörg Ratjen

Marek Harloff

Lisa Birnkott

Ramona Petry


DIRECTOR: Thomas Jonigk

STAGE DESIGN: Lisa Dässler

COSTUME DESIGN: Esther Geremus

CHOREOGRAPHY: Teresa Rotemberg

MUSIC / SOUND: Mathis Nitschke


LIGHT DESIGN: Michael Gööck

DRAMATURGY: Sibylle Duduk

Professional photos: Thomas Aurin
Phone photo: Mathis Nitschke