A choreographic project of the Bavarian State Ballet with the 8th grade of the Städtisches St. Anna Gymnasium and pupils of the vocational school for retail trade inspired by motifs from Romeo and Juliet.

Idea: Bettina Wagner-Bergelt
Artistic direction and choreography: Lenka Flory, Ruth Geiersberger
Collaboration: Juliana Lorenzi Barretto, Chantal Gagnebin, Peter Jolesch, Martina La Ragione, Anna Beke, Anna Ressel
Musical direction: Mathis Nitschke
Video/photo work: Severin Vogl and Felix Hentschel

As part of the CAMPUS Children’s and Youth Programme of the Bavarian State Ballet
Artistic direction: Bettina Wagner-Bergelt

27 and 28 July 2011, Muffathalle, Munich