by Thomas Jonigk
World Premiere 22.10.2011, Schauspielhaus Zürich, Pfauen

Director: Christof Loy / Stage Design: Jan Versweyveld / Costumes: Ursula Renzenbrink / Music: Mathis Nitschke
Starring: Klaus Brömmelmeier, Fritz Fenne, Silvia Fenz, Julia Kreusch, Christoph Quest, Friederike Wagner, Susanne-Marie Wrage

Silvia Bockmann has been married for 42 years. And suddenly she thinks about divorce. The emergence of the much younger Hans, who confesses his love to the surprised Silvia and plans a common future full of passion, eroticism and sexuality, does not make the return to her husband any easier …
A comedy about unfulfilled wishes, longings, hopes and missed opportunities. And about love, which remains the only possibility.

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