As hardly any other musical style Tango has the ability to incoporate and assimilate new influences. My idea for this composition was an inter-cultural encounter between classical, Jazz and Tango musicians, to sound the borders between those styles and eventually to pass them. To repeat the process of birth of the Argentinian Tango, which developed as a completely new style from the inter-play between the European and Russian emigrants in the harbour of Buenos Aires.

World premiere 24.9.2010 Saal der Musikschule Starnberg
25.9.2010 Jazzclub Unterfahrt

Ulrich Wangenheim (München) – Flute
Joachim Badenhorst (Brüssel/New York) – Clarinet
Gertrud Schilde (München) – Violin
Mathis Mayr (München) – Cello
Santiago Cimadevilla (Buenos Aires) – Bandoneon
Marcos di Paolo (Buenos Aires) – Guitar
Brice Sonanio (Paris) – Double bass
Gabriel Hahn (Berlin) – Drums
Mathis Nitschke (München) – Composition, Elektronics
Poem by Ulrike Draesner spoken by Sylvana Krappatsch.