In this documentary the confrontation between the inhabitants of the village Heinsberg-Randerath and the dismissed sex offender Karl D., who moves in with his brother Helmut, is illuminated. Many residents, including rape victims, vehemently oppose Karl D. moving into their neighbourhood. His family is increasingly under tension, and the youth welfare office is considering taking his son away. A few women among the demonstrators question the action and begin to make contact with the family.

The filmmakers Mareille Klein and Julie Kreuzer try to make both the Karl D.’s family and the demonstrators heard.

Director: Mareille Klein & Julie Kreuzer, Camera: Gero Kutzner, Editing: Mechthild Barth, Sound Design: Marcel Knuth, Sound Mixing: Mathis Nitschke
Production: WDR, BR, Kokon Film, Production management: Mareille Klein, Julie Kreuzer
Editors: Jutta Krug WDR, Claudia Gladziejewski BR

Translated with

Original language: German
Running time: 82 minutes
Recording format: HD 16:9
Country of production: Germany
Location: District Heinsberg (NRW)
Completion: October 2010
Premiere: Hofer Film Days 2010