Project: Dokumentary Film
Commissioner: Polyeides Medienkontor München Berlin
Task: Sound Design and re-recording mix in Dolby Stereo

Ruediger was a child, Aki two months old and Kurt the deputy of the pedophile leader of the sect. In 1961 they came to chile together with 500 other German sect members and for over 40 years they lived secluded from the rest of the world. The film tells about the attempt to survive as a collective after decades of crimes such as torture and murder. This film depicts the effort to survive as a community after an extreme human tragedy – showing different ways in which the individual copes with the history of the community. These are german stories of displacement, desire, romantic enthusiasm and despair. It is a film about guilt, victimisation and coming to terms with them.

HD, 92 Min., Colour,1:1.85, Stereo, Das kleine Fernsehspiel ZDF, Buch: Britta Buchholz; Director: Martin Farkas, Matthias Zuber; Cinematography: Martin Farkas; Editing: Nina Ergang, Supervising Sound Editing and re-recording mix: Mathis Nitschke