Central element of the stage is a 4 meter high music cabinet filled with self-playing instruments: an orchestrion. The technical conception and the construction of the inner musical life was in my responsibility. Subsequently, I composed the whole music of the award-winning evening for this live playing music automat.

Little man, what now?

by Hans Fallada. In a version by Luk Perceval
Schauspielhaus of the Münchner Kammerspiele, April 25, 2009

Director: Luk Perceval, Stage Design: Annette Kurz, Costume Design: Ilse Vandenbussche, Music: Mathis Nitschke, Video: Martin Noweck, Philipp Trauer, Luk Perceval, Light Design: Max Keller, Dramaturgy: Matthias Günther
With: Peter Brombacher, Gundi Ellert, Paul Herwig, André Jung, Tina Keserovic, Hans Kremer, Stefan Merki, Annette Paulmann, Wolfgang Pregler

Invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen 2010 and to the Autorentheatertage Hamburg 2010
Further guest stagings: St. Pölten, März 2011, Maifestspiele Wiesbaden, Mai 2011

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