In Labyrinth deLux – A Crusoe Quest you are space trucker Robin on your way back to planet Earth. By your side – your ever helpful virtual assistant Friday. When caught in a time-loop you happen to wake up in a temple-like space.

The only way out of this cube and to the safety of your space truck is to (re)align the laser and point at mirrors, prisms and other reflective surfaces to open the doors and perhaps find answers to your questions or to a truth beyond your imagination.

With the support of Jörg Hüttner, I created a musical sound design for the various game elements, which together create a 3D soundscape through which you move (6 DoF). We did the binaural implementation with the Oculus Spatializer, which adapts the room acoustics to the specific conditions.

The game was produced by Enigma Film and K5 Factory and is available on Steam as well as Metaquest.

Project website:

Official Trailer:

Check it out on headphones to get a rough idea of what it sounds like in-game:

More impressions from the game: