Concert in Herkulessaal Munich, February 6th, 2014

Wolfgang Rihm (*1952): In-Schrift 2 (2013) – for Orchestra

Peter Eötvös (*1944): DoReMi (2012) – Violin concerto Nr. 2

Helmut Lachenmann (*1935): „… Zwei Gefühle …“ Music with Leonardo (1992) – for Speaker and Ensemble

Peter Eötvös (*1944): Seven ( 2006, rev. 2007) – for Violin and Orchestra
Memorial for the Columbia Astronauts

Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Violin
Helmut Lachenmann, Speaker
Mathis Nitschke, Sound Design

Symphonic Orchestra of the Bavarian State Radio
Conductor: Peter Eötvös

Sound Design Concept:
Helmut Lachenmann (himself as speaker) was amplified by a rather conventional sound system at the front edge of the stage and by additional loudspeakers flying over the side balconies.
In Peter Eötvös’ piece “Seven” a sampler is used, which is amplified by loudspeakers positioned behind the orchestra, together with a transmission of electric guitar and harp.

Further involvements at Musica Viva:
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