Revolution Acoustics SSP6 vs. competing product
mounted on double-paned security glass

listen on good speakers or headphones!

While researching transducers I found the cheap products like Visaton etc., some new companies in the mid range and a new higher end company name Revolution Acoustics. To get an idea how those high end and mid range models perform, I bought them and made a test (I ruled out the cheap ones immediately). I would have loved to find a video like this on the internet while doing my research, so I decided to make one.

The competing product is about half price of the Revolution Acoustics, it claims to have a balanced sound with good bass down to 65 Hz. The Revolution Acoustics claims to have bass down to 45Hz. I’m operating them on a Klein+Hummel SA600 Amplifier, with a peak power performance of 175W at 8 Ohms. The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 is specified to handle up to 400W instantaneous peak performance.
The cheaper competitor takes up to 35W and the supplied amplifier delivers up to 20W. So there’s a great difference, of course.

Apples and Oranges, that’s definitely true. But as the Revolution Acoustics transducer is more expensive you should get an idea what the real difference is, and it is substantial.

The competing company was truly shocked by this video, and I actually understand this. My idea of the video is not to bash them or even harm them. That’s why I anonymised the product.

They made some severe accusations of my test setup:

– “you didn’t use our top of the line product”
my answer: “well, that is really a pity because I specifically asked for a high quality product for my musical applications. I really don’t understand why you didn’t send me your top of the line product. The nice talks I had with your sales manager gave me the impression that I had the best product. I would love to repeat this test with the ‘real’ ones, if you let me do it.” None were delivered as it was their best product.

– The competitors also stated “it’s an unfair comparison because you used a subwoofer system to compare”
my answer: “There is absolutely no subwoofer involved in the Revolution Acoustics setup.”

– “the transducers are not mounted on a good position, they should be way more into the window”
my answer: “I tried several spots by holding them onto the window. The sound didn’t change much when travelling more into the window. There is 40-50cm space between the transducers and the closest window edge. The Revolution Acoustics are mounted at the spots recommended by the manufacturer. I didn’t get any recommendation by you. But I also wouldn’t want to use them anyway if they really needed to be mounted directly in the middle of the window. I mean, how ugly would that be…”

So, I decided to put the video online because it informs you how well good transducer technology can perform today. Yes, it comes at a price, but I find the results truly remarkable as the desired results are at last delivered.

N.B.: The mechanical problem I am describing briefly in the video was only a mounting plate thread issue. I received a replacement and it sounds as remarkable as the left transducer in my video.

I’m not afiliated with Revolution Acoustics.