In this “Another kind of Romeo & Juliet”, as director Luk Perceval also calls his evening, Tobias Moretti takes on the role of the orderly, meticulous librarian Désiré, who decides to become demented before his 74th birthday out of displeasure over his life. He wants to spend his last years of his life in peace: in a nursing home. There he sees Rosa again, the great, unfulfilled love of his youth, the “Julia”, which he could never forget

The actress Mariia Shulga, with my musical-dramaturgical support, performs the music of the evening.

Mariia Shulga (Rosa), Tobias Moretti (Désiré/Romeo)
Tobias Moretti (Désiré/Romeo), Ensemble

“Rosa” after Dimitri Verhulst and William Shakespeare, adapted by Luk Perceval
Akademietheater Vienna (Burgtheater), world premiere 10 March 2018

with Tobias Moretti, Marta Kizyma, Gertraud Jesserer, Sabine Haupt, Stefan Wieland, Sylvie Rohrer, Daniel Jesch, Mariia Shulga, Forget-Me-Not-Choir

Director: Luk Perceval
Stage design: Katrin Brack
Costumes: Ilse Vandenbussche
Music: Mathis Nitschke
Light: Mark van Denesse
Dramaturgy: Eva-Maria Voigtländer

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