A miniature stage, inclinable to all directions, is fitted with a so-called bass shaker, which causes the stage to vibrate depending on the input signal. Plugged to an instrument, this installation allows the double bass player to move the toys placed on the miniature stage around through his music. Always in accordance with the direction of inclination, the objects end up dropping down onto a drum that lies on the ground, which – amplified with a lot of reverb – causes a resounding mess.

The Parade

Besides playing this game – not only comical but also snuggling up to warm childhood feelings – the piece deals with the idea of externalising the otherwise purely inner soulfelt movement, that is triggered by music.

Performances (always with Brice Soniano on double bass)
17.4.2005 Konservatorium Den Haag, Meyfestival (Premiere)
22.4.2005 Konservatorium Den Haag, Brice’ Exam
6.6.2005 Villa Ockenburgh Den Haag