by William Shakespeare
Münchner Kammerspiele, Schauspielhaus, 30. Mai 2008
Co-Production with the Wiener Festwochen
Director: Luk Perceval, Room: Luk Perceval, Costumes: Ilse Vandenbussche, Dramaturgy: Matthias Günther, Live Sound Design: Mathis Nitschke, Wolfram Schild
Mit: Peter Brombacher, Bernd Grawert, Joel Harmsen, Julia Jentsch, Hans Kremer, Christoph Luser, Oliver Mallison, Stefan Merki, Barbara Nüsse, Annette Paulmann, Wolfgang Pregler, Frederik Tidén

Translation and Editing: Paul Brodowsky
Version: Luk Perceval

Sound concept:
Empty stage, no music, it rains. The changes of scene and the sound of speech should be audible through different acoustic rooms. We installed 9 microphones hanging from the drawing floor, through which we amplified and alienated the actors. Microports were impossible due to the constant rain and the actions of the actors.
From the sounds of the raindrops we created musical atmospheres. A small guitar played in addition.