VERGEHEN ( is conceived for a specific path at the Munich river Isar and only works there. The VERGEHEN VR trailer makes it possible to visit this place virtually through VR glasses, even if you can’t make it physically to the river.

I produced the experience with 360° photos made with a Nikon DSLR, which look much sharper and more spatial than today’s 360° video.

Notice the sound of the river in the beginning. If you wear headphones it will stay connected to the correct visual location when you turn your head. That’s called 3D Sound or Spatial Sound.

The app works exclusively for the Samsung Gear VR. There is no user interface. Start the app, insert the smartphone into the Gear VR, put on your goggles and headphones and wait until it starts automatically.

(In photo above: Etienne Abelin – Guy Coolen – Hans Rehberg – Kataraiina Nyberg – Matthias Koch – Mendel Hardeman)

The trailer can also be found on Youtube VR (for example for Google Cardboard):

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