in a theatre version by Thomas Jonigk – after the book of the same name by Carolin Emcke

Following the results of the state elections in Saxony and Brandenburg in 2019, Carolin Emcke’s book AGAINST HATE is more topical than ever: right-wing radicalism and hostility to democracy have long since ceased to take place in secret. As early as 2016, Emcke delivered texts on these topics with her work that were as precise as they were stirring, and in the same year she was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade.

“Sometimes I ask myself how they can do that: to hate so much. How they can be so sure. Because that’s what the haters must be: safe. Otherwise they wouldn’t speak like that, hurt like that, murder like that. They must be sure. Without any doubt. Doubtful of hate cannot be hated.”
On the basis of concrete incidents, Emcke examines institutional racism, group-related misanthropy and disregard and finally pleads for a heterogeneous society and humanism.

After THE CLOWN and RETURN TO REIMS, Thomas Jonigk staged Carolin Emcke’s bestseller at Schauspiel Köln. Like a chamber play, the audience encounters snapshots of hatred, in Emcke’s usual eloquent manner. And again I was responsible for music and sound.

With: Jörg Ratjen, Stefko Hanushevsky, Julius Ferdinand Brauer, Kristin Steffen, Justus Maier

Director: Thomas Jonigk
Stage: Lisa Däßler
Costumes: Esther Geremus
Music/Sound: Mathis Nitschke
Light: Jan Steinfatt
Dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz