by Heinrich Böll, theatrical adaptation by Thomas Jonigk
Schauspiel Köln, Premiere February 11, 2017

Hans Schnier’s relationship with his girlfriend Marie is a thing of the past. But he can’t let her go. Again and again he is haunted by nightmarish pictures and figures from his former life. It rages in him and he rages along. From the inner emigration he defends his standards of value against the German restoration society. Vehemently self-righteous, where he demands justice. In compulsively recurring memories, he works through the bigotry of Catholic functionaries and lay people from the Bible circle, the predictability of the cultural sector or the lucrative opportunism of the upper middle-class parents. Schnier, on the other hand, cannot see the contradictions in his own actions.

A hundred years ago, one of the most prolific and independent writers of the late Federal Republic of Germany was born: Heinrich Böll. The Theatre of Cologne (Schauspiel Köln) celebrates the great son of the city with a number of events. Central element is the theatrical adaptation of his 1963 released novel THE CLOWN (Ansichten eines Clowns), by author and director Thomas Jonigk. A psychic profile of a snarky man in a Germany in which democracy was still young, the economy a wonder and the church influental.

Hans Schnier: Jörg Ratjen
Marie, Ex-lover of Hans: Lou Zöllkau
Mother of Hans: Annika Schilling
Father of Hans: Stefko Hanushevsky
Prälat Sommerwild / Züpfner: Mohamed Achour
Kinkel / Kosterer / Zohnerer / Züpfner: Thomas Brandt
Anna / Ms. Fredebeul / Bela Brosens: Elisa Schlott
A girl / Henriette: Trixi Janson, Ester Gyergyay
A boy: David Gyergyay, Alan Jakushov

Director: Thomas Jonigk
Stage Design: Lisa Däßler
Costume Design: Barbara Drosihn
Music and Sounddesign: Mathis Nitschke
Light Design: Michael Frank
Dramaturgy: Nina Rühmeier
Photos: David Baltzer

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