sound designer, composer, director


Ceremony @HARPA, Rejkjavik

A German DAX corporation together with the live communication agency trendhouse Munich a classy and ambitious internal ceremony with awards for the most succesful sales representatives. The location chosen for this incentive was Iceland and my assignment was to develop a moving and enthralling musical dramaturgy, preferably coming entirely out of Icelanding culture.

The DJ among the composers

Portrait of Mathis Nitschke in the Süddeutsche Zeitung on the occasion of the screening of the opera film "JETZT" in the cinema Breitwand Starnberg, by Gerhard Summer

Revolution Acoustics Transducer Test

While researching transducers I found the cheap products like Visaton etc., some new companies in the mid range and a new higher end company name Revolution Acoustics. To get an idea how those high end and mid range models perform, I bought them and made a test (I ruled out the cheap ones immediately). I would have loved to find a video like this on the internet while doing my research, so I decided to make one.

Sound and Function

At the time, when I could still repair my car myself, I could recognize the condition of the car by the sound of the blinker relay. This click-clack was caused by an electromagnetic switching process. The relay is a mechanical component that wears out and changes its sound as the vehicle ages. The relay resinifies, the clacking becomes harder.