sound designer, composer, director


The Parade

A miniature stage, inclinable to all directions, is fitted with a so-called bass shaker, which causes the stage to vibrate depending on the input signal. Plugged to an instrument, this installation allows the double bass player to move the toys placed on the miniature stage around through his music. Always in accordance with the direction of inclination, the objects end up dropping down onto a drum that lies on the ground, which – amplified with a lot of reverb – causes a resounding mess.

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman

The singing camera by Mendel Hardeman was an experiment on how to create sound with a video camera: an image-based sound synthesizer. As the sound programmer, I helped him realizing it by taking the video output from his cameras, translating them into sound sources in my Kyma system, and processing them through matrixed cross-modulations and distortion. This is not an interpretation of the visuals; it's listening to the video signal directly as sound. Listen:

Sound design for film

Around the turn of the millennium I was a freelance sound designer for feature films by (among others) Dominik Graf, Jo Baier and Paul Anderson, working at the sound post facilities by ARRI and Bavaria Film. Watch some examples here.