Comedy by Alan Ayckbourn
Staatstheater Wiesbaden
Premiere January 13, 2017

As if possessed and completely sealed off from the world, composer Jerome is working on a monumental new work about love. For this, he is sampling everyday sounds and speech fragments through a continuous recording technique. His obsessive behaviour has since driven away his wife and daughter and he is in a state of creative crisis. His bunker is devoid of live and offers no source of inspiration – certainly not for composing a work about love. When Child Protection Services announce that they are to make a decision on visitation rights for his daughter, Jerome must somehow prove that he is socially competent and well-adjusted. Instead of his household robot, GOU 300 F, he will require a “real” fiancé, to be impersonated by actress Zoe.

Zoe: Karoline Reinke
Corinna: Lisa Mies
Jerome: Michael Birnbaum
Mervyn Bickerdyke: Ulrich Rechenbach
Geain: Camillo Guthmann, Nils Hausotte
Lupus: Tom Gerber

Director: Ulrike Arnold
Stage & Costume Designer: Bartholomäus Martin Kleppek
Music and Sounddesign: Mathis Nitschke
Video: E. S. Mayorga
Dramaturgy: Katharina Gerschler

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