sound designer, composer, director


London Label Nonclassical included my composition 'Kabelsteg' in their first release of the series Outside the lines, a fascinating compilation of interesting positions in the young classical music.

Vergehen (Passing) VR Trailer

VERGEHEN is conceived for a specific path at the Munich river Isar and only works there. The VERGEHEN VR trailer makes it possible to visit this place virtually through VR glasses, even if you can't make it physically to the river.

The Clown

Hans Schnier's relationship with his girlfriend Marie is a thing of the past. But he can't let her go. Again and again he is haunted by nightmarish pictures and figures from his former life. It rages in him and he rages along. From the inner emigration he defends his standards of value against the German restoration society. Staging by Thomas Jonigk at the Schauspiel Köln.


Isolated from the world, the composer Jerome works obsessively on a monumental work about love. For this he samples everyday noises and scraps of speech, which he continuously records. Staging of the comedy by Alain Ayckbourn by Ulrike Arnold at the Staatstheater Wiesbaden.

Ceremony @HARPA, Rejkjavik

A German DAX corporation together with the live communication agency trendhouse Munich a classy and ambitious internal ceremony with awards for the most succesful sales representatives. The location chosen for this incentive was Iceland and my assignment was to develop a moving and enthralling musical dramaturgy, preferably coming entirely out of Icelanding culture.

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Worthless. Placeless. Katharina has lost everything: the lover, the job, the apartment. In her fight against oblivion she develops extreme, hateful energies. The bustle on Münchner Freiheit serves as a stage for a fictional character who is about to exceed the normative limits of social behavior once and for all.

Heinrich dances 2016

Initiated by the Bavarian State Ballet, more than 100 pupils of the 8th grade have been working together with dancers, musicians and choreographers since 2012. They explore possibilities of expression with body, mind and movement and develop a joint final choreography.

Now listen!

Lecture: The audience doesn't listen to you? Get to know ways of thinking and strategies that lead to an event conception in which your audience likes to listen. Through a discussion of the phenomenon of listening itself, we approach the themes of 'sound as identity' and 'musical dramaturgy' before concluding the lecture with reflections on how to include the sense of hearing as an equal partner in a holistic production. By listening you will reach your audience deeper and the contents will have a long lasting effect.