sound designer, composer, director


'JETZT' (commissioned by the National Opera Montpellier) tries to tell the history of thought in a poetological way. Human being in relation to nature and his surrounding is in constant change. Man is re-inventing himself again and again by inventing new descriptions of himself and his surrounding. By those descriptions we can observe the changes in the past human history. It's the transformation of language use through human history which is the subject matter of this opera. Seven epochs are chosen. Short scenes about death interconnect those seven epochs.


The starting point of my research for the Linde Sound Signet was the aeolian harp: mostly harp-like music sculptures built as larger installations with strings that are not played by a musician's fingers but vibrated by the wind. Equipped with a compressed air pistol, I recorded a variety of air played harp glissandi.

Linde Management Conference 2012

The emotional highlight and conclusion of the Linde Management Conference 2012 in Shanghai was a joint evening of all participants with a concert for orchestra, choir and world music soloists. We connected the location of the event, the Shanghai Cruise Terminal on the Huangpu River, with the company's history - from the inventor Carl von Linde to the globally operating major corporation: "Source becomes stream becomes river becomes sea - and beyond, the mighty ocean...".


As a former restauration engineer at MSM-Studios München I was again and again confronted with the at that time impossible task of correcting wow and flutter problems. In 2011 this problem re-entered my life and during a talk with Peter Neubäcker of Celemony Software (Melodyne) I got him attracted to this issue. Some time later "Capstan" was onto market and I'm the product specialist.

Klang auf Schön Berg La Monte Young

For this composition by Wolfgang von Schweinitz I developed ring modulators in the old transformer diode circuit as it was used in the 1950s. This circuit sounds fundamentally different than the simple digital multiplication of two signals, as it is used today in digital live electronics: full of sonorous beauty.

Winter Journey (Winterreise)

With over 20 productions Elfride Jelineks Winterreise (Winter Journey) belongs to the most performed theatre plays of the recent years. For the world premiere in 2011 at the Münchner Kammerspiele by director Johan Simons I created the live sound design and took care of many guest perfomances.

anthropogenically disturbed growing field

As hardly any other musical style Tango has the ability to incoporate and assimilate new influences. My idea for this composition was an inter-cultural encounter between classical, Jazz and Tango musicians, to sound the borders between those styles and eventually to pass them. To repeat the process of birth of the Argentinian Tango, which developed as a completely new style from the inter-play between the European and Russian emigrants in the harbour of Buenos Aires....

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Seven Sirens

Seven red motor sirenes are hanging at a steel rope of 11 meters length. They get short impulses of power which make them produce a short, cat-like sound. From time to time they run on low constant power which makes them produce a soft humming sound.

Little Man, what now?

The central element of Annette Kurz's stage design was a four meter high music cabinet consisting of self-playing instruments: an orchestrion. I was responsible for the technical conception of the musical inner workings together with the implementation. I composed all the music for this award-winning evening by Luk Perceval at the Münchner Kammerspiele for this live music machine.

German Souls – Life after the Colonia Dignidad

Rüdiger was a child, Aki two months old and Kurt the deputy head of the paedophile sect. They came to Chile in 1962 together with 500 other German sect members and lived locked away from the world for over 40 years. The documentary by Martin Farkas and Matthias Zuber tells about the attempt to continue as a collective after decades of crimes such as torture and murder. I took over the sound design and mixing.