Another “Romeo & Julia”. Same same but different. Staging by Luk Perceval at the Bolshoi Drama Theatre St. Petersburg.

Further development of the production “Rosa or The merciful earth” at the Wiener Akademietheater.

Out of displeasure with his life, librarian Désiré decides to dement before his 74th birthday. He wants to spend the last years of his life in peace: in a nursing home. There he sees Rosa again, the great, unfulfilled love of his youth, the “Julia”, which he could never forget. In the nursing home there is the “Don’tforgetmine-Chorus”, which sings against forgetting (see video above).

With: Dmitry Vorobyev, Iruth Vengalite, Varvara Pavlova, Polina Dudkina, Rustam Nasyrov, Mariia Shulga, Irina Patrakova, Alexander Ronis, Tamara Avilova, Lyudmila Vodopyanova, Olga Ermolenkova, Irina Loginova, Valentina Plotnikova, Maria Soldatenko, Galina Fotiadi.

Adaptation: Luk Perceval based on “De Laatkomer” by Dimitri Verhulst and “Romeo & Juliet” by William Shakespeare.
Director: Luk Perceval
Set design: Katrin Brack
Costume design: Ilse Vandenbussche
Light design: Peter Schultheiss
Translation: Marina Koreneva
Music: Mathis Nitschke

Opening night 29. October 2018, Kamennoostrovskiy Teatr, St. Petersburg